Walmart Fight Hunger Spark Change Campaign

"A small action can have a big impact"

As we head into the summer months, it is hard not to think about the 1 in 3 children in our community who go to bed hungry each night. Many of these children do not receive regular meals while they are out of school. This last month, we fed more than 500 children in a single day at a Client Choice school pantry distribution in South El Paso. As the children filed into the school gym alongside their parents, their eager smiles lit up the room. The tables were filled with healthy food choices from yellow squash to frozen pork loins and round roasts. Saul and Moises, eight year old twin brothers, said they were especially excited about the strawberry fruit cups.

Over the next month, you can help feed more children in our community like Saul and Moises through the sixth annual nationwide, "Fight Hunger. Spark Change" campaign. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Feeding America and member food banks are committed to providing meals to people in need, and with the “Fight Hunger. Spark Change.” campaign, we’re calling on customers and suppliers to join us in helping support people struggling with hunger starting April 22nd - May 20th.

You can help support this cause in 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase Participating Products: Customers and members can purchase participating products in stores and clubs or online to donate (see items list below).
  2. Donate In-Store: Customers and members can donate the amount of their choice at manned registers and self-checkouts ($1 helps secure at least 10 meals on behalf of local Feeding America food banks).
  3. Online Donation: Customers and members can donate the amount of their choice online at

All donations made from sales in stores and clubs will be made on behalf of Feeding America member food banks and will stay in the communities serviced by those food banks.


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