Our mission is to combat the hunger crisis in our region by strategically procuring and distributing nutritious food through community partners…because no one should go hungry.

If You Need Food

Find a food pantry near you or call us for more information on how to enroll in a food assistance program.

Encuentre un dispensario de alimentos cerca de usted o llámenos para obtener más información sobre cómo inscribirse en nuestro programa de asistencia

...because no one should go hungry

Call Us

Call Us

Get information on food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters available near your location. Learn about additional ways we can help.

(915) 298-0353
Find Partner Agency

Find Partner Agency

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank partners with more than 120 non-profit organizations throughout our county service area to provide food assistance.

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Our Programs

In collaboration with more than 120 partner agencies, we educate and provide assistance each week through our innovative programs and services.


Nutrition Education

Our Nutrition Education Coordinator teaches free classes through the SNAP Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention Grant Program.

The program is designed to improve the likelihood that people eligible for SNAP benefits will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles.The classes are taught for all ages from preschool children to high school aged students, adults, parents and senior citizens. Topics and demonstrations include healthy weight management, portion control, healthy snack and budgeting.

Call 915.298.0353 to schedule a class today!



Our SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Coordinator assists clients in the process of applying for “food stamp” benefits.

A person may qualify if the household’s gross monthly income is less than $1,287 (for one person), $1,736 (for 2 people) $2,184 (3 people).

Call us today at 915.298.0353 to schedule a class or make an appointment for eligibility, submitting a new application or renewal assistance. Home visits are also available.

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