Our mission is to combat the hunger crisis in our region by strategically procuring and distributing nutritious food through community partners…because no one should go hungry.

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The magnitude of the refugee crisis cannot be underestimated. Our region is currently overwhelmed with an ongoing, urgent humanitarian crisis. With the influx of refugees and asylum seekers pouring into our community at unprecedented rates, our community is on the verge of a major crisis. Churches, shelters and other local nonprofits are working around the clock to provide temporary safe shelter for the thousands of men, women and children crossing the border into our community every day. While many in our community are providing basic essentials such as clean clothing, hygiene products and diapers, the Food Bank is being called upon to provide healthy foods to ensure the refugees are provided warm meals during this time of overwhelming need for both the agencies housing the migrants and the refugees themselves. EPFH is doing all that we can to meet the food requirements of our struggling community in addition to feeding the 200,000+ food insecure residents we traditionally serve. As the only food bank in our region, EPFH's work is vital to meeting the basic human needs of the food insecure in our community. El Paso is the 20th largest city in the US and yet 23% of its population lives in poverty. This already great need compounded by the refugee crisis is truly urgent.

Together, we can feed those who are new to our country, from the vulnerable child who has not eaten, to the scared mother who does know where their next meal is coming from.

You can make an instant impact by donating today. Every $1 donated provides 7 meals.

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…because no one should go hungry

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