Organize a Virtual or In-Person Food Drive

Thanks for wanting to support the work we do to feed hungry El Pasoans every day!

The #1 way to help El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank (EPFH) reach and serve more clients with nutritious foods is to host a Virtual Food Drive. A Virtual Food Drive is an online fundraising campaign to raise money continue the spirit of philanthropy regardless of social distancing guidelines.

Hosting a Virtual Food Drive allows EPFH to save on resources and get the most-needed items to people facing hunger. But more importantly, when you raise cash instead of cans, EPFH is able to provide the equivalent of seven complete meals for what it would cost you to purchase one can of food.

Conducting a virtual food drive is easy and well-suited for individuals, companies, and community groups alike.

Benefits to conducting a Virtual Food Drive:

  • We can stretch a dollar a lot further than someone can at a grocery store buying food because of our national and state-wide food sourcing partnerships and bulk orders.
  • We can buy and distribute fresh produce and perishable frozen and refrigerated foods in the exact quantity we need, when we need it. Fresh options are important in order to provide healthier options for our clients.
  • 98% of all donated resources we receive go directly to the community through programs and food distributions.

If you’re interested, please contact Anna Carrillo at

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